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Information Announcing Season 4

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SlateMC Season 4

Haven't seen our trailer yet? Watch it here:

Join us using the IP:


Overworld - 4k x 4k
End - 4k x 4k
Nether - 4k x 4k

Change Log

SlateMC has taken many of the suggestions and ideas the community has given us, and implemented as many as possible, while adding our own touch and ideas.

We've changed our FTOP! - Increasing to $200 toal pool as well as 10% of all donations for Season 4 to the FTOP.

Grace Period will now last 5 Days from first opening.

We've added Harvester Hoes, obtainable on the store.

We've added the /printer command, to make printing that little bit easier.

Balance of players will no longer...

Information Announcing Season 3

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SlateMC Season 3

After a long time of waiting, Season 3 is here!
Haven't seen the trailer yet? Watch it here:
Reupload the trailer following the instructions in the description to recieve rewards!

Join us using the IP:


Overworld - 6k x 6k
End - 4k x 4k
Nether - 4k x 4k

Change Log

SlateMC has moved to a new dedicated server and is now using one of the best Cannoning Jars to provide upmost performance, and no lag.

CEs have been removed to help promote PvP as well as Skill and fairness - This is not to say CEs will be permanently removed across all seasons, however.

Economy has now been improved greately, from last season.

Spam from Envoy has now been reduced

KoTH will now happen 3 times a day, rather than the previous 2 times a day.

The Scoreboard now...

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