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Server Rules
This page will cover the fundamental server rules and guidelines. By no means is this rule list comprehensive, and every scenario will not be listed. Please use your best judgement when playing on SlateMC, just because we haven't covered a specific rule/action does not mean we do not reserve the right to punish dependng on the violation. Not every rule on this page will land you an instant ban, but different punishments will be given for the severity of the rule broken. SlateMC reserves the right to edit/change these rules at any time with no warning.

Chat Rules
This server is currently PG, you may not discuss topics relating to drugs, death/suicide, politics, sexual references or other mature topics. This rule also goes for any Inappropriate Skins or usernames
You may not use excessive caps when speaking in chat, no matter how excited or angry you are.
You may not swear in chat, there are words/slang that are okay to use in chat, but we will not state them on this page.
You may not discriminate or hate against certain groups/figues, stereotypes etc. This also covers hateful and discriminatory phrases/slurs.
You may not advertise another Minecraft server IP or name, this will result in a mute/warning and can escelate to a ban.
You may not spam or flood the public chat.
You can advertise your YouTube or Twitch links if you are streaming on the server, you are not however, allowed to spam your links and must keep posting your links down to once an hour.

Cheating / Unfair Advantages.
You are not allowed to use a hacked client/XRAY texture pack that may give an unfair advantage. You may be automatically banned by our Anti-Cheat after doing this several times on the server.
Using Disallowed Modifications like Printer or others which give an unfair advantage will be counted as cheating.
If you are deemed to be autocicking, whether to go AFK, or to get an advantage in combat, you are subject to punishment.

You may not impersonate staff on our server; this means saying you are a staff member, changing your name to the name of a staff member claiming to be them or claiming to have the abilites of a staff member is not allowed.
You may not impersonate/mimic other players on the server, if you are impersonating a player on the server whether in good fun or maliciously, and that player asks you to stop, you must.

Staff Disrespect
Being disrespectful towards our staff team is not allowed. If you have an issue with a staff member or don't believe our team is doing their jobs properly, or upto the standard we expect, please get in contact with another member of our staff team.

Alt Limit
You are not allowed to have more than 5 accounts in total on the same IP address, this could be 1 main account and 4 alts, or 2 siblings and 3 alts. Having more than 5 accounts in total, online or not can result in an IP Ban.

Block Glitching
Using any method to make movements which are not possible, such as walking/jumping on blocks you try to place in a location you do not have access to build in, is not allowed.

Base Defences
You may not use beds,signs,soulsand,enderchests,chests,cactus or brewing stands to protect your base.
Any faction/person caught using strategies that makes their base impossible to raid, will have their base edited to players can cannon the walls.

Pushing someone into the WarZone from Spawn is considered griefing.
Inflicting damage to a player within the 'Safety of Spawn' or attempting to deal damage from the 'Safety of Spawn' is also considered griefing.