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Information Announcing Season 4

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SlateMC Season 4

Haven't seen our trailer yet? Watch it here:

Join us using the IP:


Overworld - 4k x 4k
End - 4k x 4k
Nether - 4k x 4k

Change Log

SlateMC has taken many of the suggestions and ideas the community has given us, and implemented as many as possible, while adding our own touch and ideas.

We've changed our FTOP! - Increasing to $200 toal pool as well as 10% of all donations for Season 4 to the FTOP.

Grace Period will now last 5 Days from first opening.

We've added Harvester Hoes, obtainable on the store.

We've added the /printer command, to make printing that little bit easier.

Balance of players will no longer be included in the FTOP calculation.

Reaction Game Prize has been increased, and now features actual words.

We now have a custom plugin, which will allow players to create homes in enemy bases, but, will delete the users' created home after 1 hour, helping

We've improved Ranks from Redstone and above (portable /fix all & /fix hand, rather than going to spawn)

Economy has been balanced w/ Sugar Cane Buffed and Ender Pearls & Cactus being nerfed.

We've resolved certain issues with portals, and portals will now, no longer be created in any world.

The server will now automatically restart every 5 hours, this is to combat any potential lag issues.

We've increased the amount of memory the server has available, in order to reduce any potential lag issues.

We've reduced the size of the Overworld to match the End and Nether worlds.

/gb will now be used to access the GenBucket shop, which also now includes both vertical and horizontal gen buckets.

We've improved issues which were spotted last season with cannoning.

We've grately increased security on the server, to minimize disruption and issues.

The server will now automatically only allow 5 players per IP, stopping us from giving punishments.

Release Times

North America: April 25th 6pm EST
United Kingdom: April 25th 10pm BST
Sweden: April 25th 11pm CET
Australia: April 25th 6:30am ACDT
New Zealand: April 25th 9am NZDT
Russia: April 26th 12am MSK // GMT+3
Japan: April 26th 6am JST // GMT+9

You can find SlateMC here:

As always, we hope you enjoy our new season, and, GL HF.
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